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DCTV, New York | Live Performance Installation | Dramaturg, Performance Director, Playwright, Costume Designer

Recreation of a 'live' fin de siecle Parisian brothel examining the transactional relationship between male artists and female prostitutes. Conceptualized by VAEFF director Dan Fine, I was commissioned to dramaturg and curate a live installation. 

Aside from a 10 minute scripted introduction during the VAEFF Gala dinner, the installation was a 5 hour long 'live' interactive performance with gala guests. To help actors sustain the long performance, I worked with actors to create individual characters with varying histories and motivations, public and private personas. Rehearsals were primarily movement based - guided explorations on character behavior dependent on space, time, the presence of a lover or harboring a secret. I gave actors improvisation exercises to create memories around space and objects that they could use during the installation. 

The installation space was divided into public and 'private' - a public 'bar' and private rooms that could be viewed through a peephole. 



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'Sick' by Bekah Brunstetter

SOHO, NYC | Director

Curated by Daniel Talbott (Rattlestick, Rising Phoenix Rep), the challenge was to stage conventional plays in a site-specific exterior location and create affordable theater.

Set in a SOHO alley with a cast of 4, the two lead actors performed 'conventionally' level with the audiences in an intimate setting. The two supporting actors doubled as a range of caricatures from elevated stairways towering over the audience, waving cartoon props - externalizations of anxiety and exagerrated memory. 

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'Motherhood', devised from the poem Momma Welfare Roll by Maya Angelou

Wall Street | Director 

Site-specific work commissioned by After-School Special Theatre. The requirements were to create a play from the prompts 'Welfare' and 'Myth' that reflected on the chosen location. Devised using moment work which I had studied with Scott Barrow at Stages on The Sound. Actors were encouraged to free associate and devise storytelling 'moments' from Maya Angelou's poem Momma Welfare Roll using everyday materials, whether puppetry or as accessory. I then dramaturged these moments into a play that caricaturized corporate goodwill. 

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